MK Marathon Ambassadors


MK Marathon Ambassador Program

Congratulations to the individuals below who are actively involved in their communities, have a passion for running and have been chosen to represent Milton Keynes!

Their job is to inspire fellow participants in their running journey.

Mission: to spread brand awareness and excitement for the MK Marathon Weekend 2019 event through social media and community.


  • FREE place in the Rocket 5k (on Sunday 5th May)
  • FREE place in the Marathon or Half Marathon on Monday 6th May (or reimbursement if you have already registered)
  • Website recognition
  • Free MK Marathon hoodie and cool branded sunglasses
  • Entry to the VIP Room on Monday 6th May at StadiumMK


It was a great honour to be an ambassador for the MK Marathon event. The race itself was so well organised, an amazing route and even the weather was fantastic. To be a part of such a positive local community event made me very proud and I hope that I was able to either inspire others to enter, or help them with their training.

Marc Horner – MK Marathon Ambassador

Applications for the 2020 event will open in August 2019.

STUART AMORY – West Mosesey

Stuart Armory MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

To test myself, to challenge myself and to inspire others. It is a fantastic way to escape life’s pressures. Life is for living, live yours to its fullest!

Facebook: StuartAmoryPersonalTrainer
Twitter: @stuartamorypt
Instagram: StuartAmoryPT
Blog: StuartAmoryPT

BEKI CADD – Hemel Hempstead

I’m an asthmatic who used to hate running, and couldn’t puff and pant my way further than about 100m. I have now completed four half marathons, numerous 10ks and 5ks, a duathlon, a 24hour team trail race, and Tough Mudder.

I started blogging in 2012 to document my progress, and look back at how far I’ve come – it still amazes me sometimes.

I hope to show other people that asthma doesn’t have to be a barrier to living a healthy active life – and if you think at first you can’t do something, get out there, take on the challenge and prove yourself wrong.

Facebook: MissWheezy
Instagram: MissWheezy1
Twitter: Beki_1
Blog: MissWheezy

ANDY COLLINS – Milton Keynes

MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

I used to be a reasonable runner, I then broke and have since mainly run from pub to pub 😀 ( ) it would be nice to have a reason to get serious about running again and see if I can get anyway near my old fittness!

Facebook: AndysOnLine
Twitter: OnAndysMind

KERRY COOPER – Milton Keynes

MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

Local resident and nurse in Milton Keynes who loves running, animals and sleeping. I’m really good at sleeping. Member of the hugely popular Redway Runners running club and women’s XC team captain. Yoga novice, but not very bendy yet! Aspiring member of the 100 marathon club, almost half way!! Previous MKRocket 5k poster girl, SportMK Volunteer of the year 2017 and Chiltern Cross Country League committee secretary. Mother to two wonderful daughters who inspire me to be the best version of myself always.

First marathon: Milton Keynes 2014, hometown debut where my love of marathons began.

Most memorable marathon: Completing Great Barrow Challenge Marathon Spring 2017 with my cocker spaniel Jess who kept me company the whole 26.2 miles and earned her own medal too.

Upcoming challenges: Finishing my first 50 mile run which will be my 50th marathon & gaining the MK Legends medal in 2019

Bucket list running event: Comrades marathon (hopefully before I’m 40 so I have another 19 years to go!)

Facebook: KerryCooper01
Instagram: CurlyTwig01

PHILIP DANIELS – Calne, Wiltshire

MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

I’m from Calne, a small town in Wiltshire. I am a father of two children (Bella 6, Axl 5) and husband to Siobhan.

I’m a Process Engineer at an electronics company and runner in the evening and weekends (and any spare moment I have really!).

I enjoy all sports, mainly football and running. I am a Calne running club member who takes great pride in representing the club.

I enjoy spending time with my family and love having them involved at family races.

I also enjoy raising money for charities, I’m proud to have managed to raised over £1200 for Carers Trust by running my first marathon last year. Being active and having a healthy family means the world to me.

Facebook: PhilipjDaniels
Instagram: blinkpip_the_running_man
Twitter: @blinkpip

ABBY DAVIES – Market Harborough

MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

I started running in 2015 when over a glass of wine, me and some family members decided we were going to run a half marathon in memory of my cousin. Before I’d even ran a mile, I took the plunge and decided that if I was going to do a half I may as well do a full marathon and without a second thought, I contacted a charity and was offered a place in the 2016 London Marathon.

My first parkrun in May 2015, I turned up in a cotton t-shirt, leggings and poor-fitting trainers. Seeing everyone in Lycra I wondered what I’d let myself in for, but I persevered. There were tears, tantrums, happiness, doubt and everything in between before I reached the finish line of my first ever marathon.

Since that glass of wine, I’ve clocked up many miles that has included two marathons, nine half marathons, 12 10k events, 57 parkruns, 40-day run steaks and many more ranging from 5 miles to 20-mile races. I’ve ran in different countries including Ireland, France, Italy and Lanzarote and find it’s one of the best ways to explore and enjoy different places.

Facebook: RunningAbby
Twitter: RunningAbby
Instagram: RunningAbby
Blog: RunningAbby

CAT FREED – Milton Keynes

MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

I started running about 4 years ago when my son turned 1 to lose the baby weight. I started with the couch to 5k plan and built from there. Since then I have now had another baby, come back to running and run 12 half marathons and numerous 5k and 10k races. I always run in a tutu or my sparkle skirt for races and it has become my signature. If running for charity I always make a bespoke tutu in the charity colours! My aim next is to run a marathon and I have entered the London marathon ballot. But MK is also on the table if I don’t get a place.

Facebook: RunningVlogger
Instagram: CatFreedRunningVlogger

SALLY GREEN – Milton Keynes

MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

Hi I’m Sally 36 from MK. I have been married for 11 years and have two sons. I work full time and run in-between my family life, I try to run 3-4 days a week ranging from easy solo runs to club runs with Redway Runners. I joined running in January 2017 and have PBs in 5k, 10k and recently a PB in a 10-mile race. I have made 86 new Facebook running friends through Redway Runners and this year I will co-host my first beginners group to give something back to the club that helped me.

Instagram: Sally_Green
Blog: SallyGreen

PINTU GUPTA – Kolkata, India

MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

When I was kid I had always been interested in sports activities, but wasn’t able to take part due to family responsibilities. I joined an IT firm after completing from Jadavpur University and put on weight.

This made me feel very fat and unfit. I started at a gym with 1km and 2 km running 3 day a week. After one month I lost weight.

After four month of this continuous workout I lost 14kg of weight and built up good stamina and could easily run 2km to 3km without feeling tired.

Then I started increasing the distance to 4km – 5km 3 to 4 days a week. After 2 month I joined a local running group in Kolkata. After that from Nov 2017 I become a regular runner and took part in 5k, 10k, 21k, 25k and my first full marathon in 2017.

Now running become his regular activity of my daily life.

Facebook: PintuGupta
Instagram: PintuGCoder


MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

Up to 3 years ago i had only been involved with running by means of sport football, cricket etc and had time to myself and hated sitting indoors so I took up running and started to enjoy it. Since May 2015 I have run 6 half marathons, 10ks, obstacle runs and this year I ran my 1st full marathon on the hottest bank holiday monday at Milton Keynes. I really enjoyed it and would like to do another one!

Facebook: TonyMcClure


MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

I am not a runner, so I always thought, I took up Obstacle racing as I thought it looked fun and was at a time when I was unfit and overweight partly due to being diabetic but also because I was lazy. I soon realised that to do OCR I needed to run more that led me to enter the Cambridge Half Marathon which I want to do to raise money for Altziemers research, I soon realised I struggled to run alone so put a post on my local Facebook page looking for someone to run with, wow that was like opening Pandora’s box, a short time jump later my running world is huge, I am a run leader in my local Run Together Group, I am a Run Director on the core team for my local Park run, I’m part of an Obstacle Race Team, my 2019 calendar already includes 10 Rat Races up to Ultras, St Neots half and Cambridge Half.

Am I a runner? Well I prefer to think that I am an adventurer that goes running rather than a runner that has adventures.

Facebook: AntonyMoore

JAMES SMITH – Leighton Buzzard

MK Marathon Ambassador 2019

I’m a married father of two who has started running more seriously in my forties, I’m completely obsessed with running and racing, but I’ve never done a marathon – and as I might only ever do one – it’d better be a good one – so it’s MK all the way!

Facebook: JamesPSmith10
Instagram: HunstantonSmith
Twitter: HunstantonSmith
Blog: RoadToMKMarathon

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