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MK Marathon Legends

This medal is a massive 10cm in diameter!

The MK Marathon has a Loyalty Club known as ‘The Legends’ to reward runners who have finished 5 x MK Marathons (need not be consecutive).

2018 will be our 7th year of the event

Runners that have run 5 full marathons will qualify for membership. Sorry half marathons do not count towards your target.

Eligibility: Runners who have run five MK Marathons  (need not be consecutive)


  • Legend Medal as well as the finishers medal
  • Exclusive use of the Performance Room at Stadium MK with private balcony overlooking the finish
  • Listing on this page
  • Discount on following years event

All awards will be presented in the Performance Room at Stadium MK after the race. All Prizes must be picked up in person.

Thank you for being a Loyal Runner – See you at the Finish Line!

MK Marathon X Legend Medal

MK Marathon X Legend Medal. Something to work towards! We know you will enjoy the journey!


Ran the MK Marathon every year!

Alves, Alex Reis
Atkinson, Mark
Barton, Paul
Bastick, Mark
Cartwright, Paul
Chambers, Dean
Chan, So Mei
Cheyney, Matthew
Clark, Howard
De Gorter, Jean-Jacques
Fitzpatrick, John
Flick, Darren
Flores, Luis
Floyd, Melanie
French, Karl
Gibbons, Robert

Gurney, Simon
Haywood, Simon
Holliday, Karen
Illingworth, Simon
Jones, Huw
Joyce, Paul
Kirschner-Heavens, Simon
Kirwan, John
Lambert, Carole
Lewis, David
Lowes, Richard
Luxon, Keith
Naatit, Hmad
Nesbitt, James
Norman, Ben
Pateman, Richard

Pelkey, Robert
Redden, Andrew
Rose, Paul
Sangster, Jennifer
Sciepuro, Daniel
Scott, Graham
Shugar, Jon
Smith, Antony
Stryczek, John
Taylor, Peter
Tomlinson, Oliver
Underhill, Richard
Walker, Wayne
Willington, Gayle
Willington, Rhys
Yearley, Lesley


Aitken, Colin
Amos, Claire
Bunn, Liam
Burrows, Raymond
Clarke, Dave
Clarke, Peter
Dobbs, Russell
Dunham, Stephen
Edwards, Steve
Ellwood, Tim
Fleckney, Rebecca
Flores, Gabriel
Geist, Lee
Hill, Mark

Hodges, Sonia
Kosla, Kaja
Lee, Philip
Long, Tim
Malkov, Alexandre
Mawson, John
McGillivray, Alex
McKinley, Marcel
Mills, Brian
Muggeridge, Lesley
Palmer, Anne
Prior, Samantha
Rivers, Jack
Rose, Russell

Rose, Sheila
Rozitis, Ben
Savory, Stephen
Smith, Helen
Smith, Nicholas
Stewart, Jane
Sutherland, Paul
Tailor, Dennis
Thomas, Carolyn
Tubbs, Phillip
Vallance, Ian
Warby, Neil


Alex Reis Alves
Mark Atkinson
Paul Barton
Mark Bastick
Philip Bradley
Paul Cartwright
Dean Chambers
So Mei Chan
Matthew Cheyney
Peter Clarke
JJ de Gorter
John Fitzpatrick
Darren Flick
Luis Flores
Melanie Floyd
Karl French
David Galsworthy
Robert Gibbons

Simon Gurney
Simon Haywood
Simon Illingworth
Huw Jones
Paul Joyce
Simon Kirschner-Heavens
John Kirwan
Carole Lambert
Philip Lee
David Lewis
Richard Lowes
Keith Luxon
Lisa Mercer-Leach
Hmad Naatit
James Nesbitt
Ben Norman
Neil Parker
Richard Pateman

Robert Pelkey
Amanda Robinson
Paul Rose
Ben Rozitis
Jennifer Sangster
Daniel Sciepuro
Graham Scott
Jon Shugar
Antony Smith
Richard Stickland
John Stryczek
Peter Taylor
Oliver Tomlinson
Richard Underhill
Ian Vallance
Wayne Walker
Gayle Willington
Rhys Willington
Lesley Yearley

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