Pace Team MK Marathon Weekend

Pace Runners

MK Marathon Pacers

Keeping up the pace

Pace runners will be available for people who are looking to run a specific time.

Half marathon pacers will wear an orange mesh vest with matching balloon, and marathon pacers will wear an blue mesh vest with matching balloon. The vests will show the pace time on the front and back.

Full Marathon every 15 minutes

3.00 Adam Holland
3.15 Keith Luxon
3.30 Steve Edwards
3.45 Mark Atkinson
4.00 Matt Tonks
4.15 Camilla Langlands
4.30 James Bennett
4.45 Gary Dixon
5.00 Jon Evans
5.15 Jacqueline Millett
5.30 Charlotte Harwood

Half Marathon every 5 minutes plus 2:30 & 2:45

01:30 Jamie Marlow
01:35 Jay Fallaize
01:40 James Sinclair
01:45 Paul Addicott
01:50 Tim Bruton
01:55 Glenn Dickinson
02:00 Russell Morris
02:05 Jason Walker
02:10 David Goodwin
02:15 Phil Jefferies
02:30 David Allen
02:45 Lisa Ripley