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Since its inception in 2010, the MK Marathon quickly became a top 10 UK Marathon and the route was tweaked over the years to remove bottlenecks, or alternatively, due to external pressures.

We conducted a survey after the 2015 event, and we are proud to say that the stadium and organisation received the highest accolades. As a result of the survey, we prepared a list of things to improve, and improving the route was top of the list.

We highlighted all the areas we wanted the marathon runners to experience, particularly the most scenic parts of Milton Keynes, and started to plan a route to include these sights. It was agreed that the new route should have a mix of new and the old, and now includes the original Milton Keynes Village, Bradwell Abbey which dates back to the 14 Century, the Roman ruins at Bancroft, Bradwell Windmill which was built in c1810 and St Andrews a 13 Century church in Manor Park.

We have kept the run up to the City Centre, as these are wide roads which reduce congestion at the start. More importantly, the spectator support in the City is amazing, although we have reduced the length of this section of the route.

The MK Half Marathon route shares the first 7.5 miles with the Marathon, which then flows on through the beautiful Ouzel Valley to Caldecotte Lake. The route then joins the road at Ashland and back for a magical Stadium finish.

The new route is a lot flatter, much more scenic and includes numerous beautiful lakes, picturesque parks and even the meandering grand union canal. And of course, as you would expect, the route takes in the famous Concrete Cows of Milton Keynes!

This new and faster route reduces the underpasses by 60%, and the infamous hill at Mile 24 has been removed from the route altogether. Our new route has been a labour of love, and we are so proud to have created an event that will show off the best that Milton Keynes has to offer!

We have managed to keep this amazing route ever since! I truly believe that our route offers a truly spectacular running experience for our runners.

Andy Hully

Race Director

Flatter, Faster, More Phenomenal

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