Team Management | MK Marathon Weekend - Milton Keynes

Team Management

Team Creation

Taking part in a group is fun, but completing an event as a team is even better. That’s why for the Milton Keynes Marathon and Half Marathon 2015 we’re delighted to introduce a fresh new approach to ‘teams’.

If you run with friends, a club or a family this will be the perfect opportunity to train together, to win together.

In order to help make this as easy as possible lets go through how you can create or join a team through your registration.

When filling out the registration form you will be asked if you wish to create or join a team. This section will look as follows:

MK Marathon Team Creation

  1. This section asks if you would like to create or join a team. If you only wish to enter as an individual then you can select “No” at this stage. If creating a team you will be presented with the screen above. If you wish to join a team then a search box will appear showing all current team names and who the captain is in (brackets).
  2. If you create a team you will be asked if you wish to pre-pay for slots for additional team mates. You will pay for your ticket + the additional pre-pay slots and after registering you will be able to use those invitational slots and get your team mates to enter for free.
  3. As the team captain you will be able to either keep your team private (by setting a password) or keeping it public which would allow the general public to enter if they wish.


Team Management / Self Edit

Once you have registered, either as an individual, team captain or team member you will have access to My Events ( This is where you can view your registration details, make changes, manage your team or event create and join a team after your initial registration.

MK Marathon Team Management

  1. This will provide you with options to view your team, edit your registration details (questions answered, address details etc)
  2. This section displays how many pre-paid slots you have remaining (if you purchased any) or provide you with an easy email template to invite your friends to join your team. They will receive an email with a link that will have your team automatically selected.