Transfers and Deferrals Policy for the MK Marathon and MK Half Marathon

Transfers and Deferrals

MK Marathon Lead Bikes

1. Transfers Between Events:

You can transfer between the Marathon and the Half Marathon and visa versa

  1. Transfers between events can be made up until 28th March 2018 @ 11:59pm
  2. You will need to log back into your registration to transfer between events
  3. You will be charged the cost difference between the desired distance’s fee and the fee that was paid at the time of the original registration (no refund if you transfer from the marathon to the half marathon)
  4. You can not transfer between events after March 28th as race packs will be printed and posted.
  5. Strictly no transfers on race day. No exceptions.


2. Transfer to another runner:

We allow transfers up until 28th March @ 11:59pm to try and stop unregulated number swapping. Number swapping can cause medical problems on race day and any runner to be found unlawfully swapping their number will be banned from all future races.

  1. Transfers for the Marathon and Half Marathon can be made up until 28th March 2018 @ 11:59pm
  2. After this time the numbers and envelopes will be printed and cannot be changed.
  3. You will need to log back into your registration to transfer your place to a new runner.
  4. Once the new runner has registered, signed the waiver and paid the entry price the original entrant will receive a refund
  5. There is no charge for making a transfer.
  6. No transfers can take place after 28th March – no exceptions.


3. Deferrals:

If you deferred your Marathon or Half Marathon 2017 place, then you will receive a deferral discount code early July.

  1. The deferral code will give you 20% discount off the 2018 entry fee.
  2. The deferral process guarantees your discounted entry but is NOT automatic.
  3. You must register using the discount code before 10th October 2017 – no exceptions.
  4. It is your responsibility to contact us before 10th October if you deferred your place and have NOT received your discount code.



4. Booking Protection:

For the 2018 event, you have the option to Protect your booking with Registration Protection for a small fee. Receive a full refund of the purchase price and processing fee should you be unable to attend the event due to a specified reason, such as:

  • Injury or illness
  • Vehicle breakdown or theft
  • Adverse weather resulting in travel warnings
  • Work relocation
  • And more

You will be able to select this option at the checkout stage and download the latest coverage details. Registration Protection is provided by Booking Protect Ltd, and you should contact them directly about your policy and how to claim and not the MK Marathon team.


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