This year’s Skechers Performance Milton Keynes Marathon wasn’t held in the baking temperatures of the 2013 event when temperatures reached 21 degrees Celsius, but it was still a warm dry day.


The dry weather might have been good news for runners and spectators but with over 5,000 runners signed up to take part in the marathon, half marathon, corporate relay and fun run events dehydration was a major concern for the organisers.


However, thanks to a successful partnership with APLE Haulage the organisers of one of Milton Keynes’ most successful sporting events didn’t need to worry.


The day started at 5:30am for the APLE Haulage team who made deliveries of water and Gatorade sports drink to the hydration and fuel stations around the course (approximately one every three miles) and to the finish line so that every single runner could satisfy their thirst.


Here’s a by-the-numbers look at what it took for APLE Haulage to keep the Milton Keynes Marathon hydrated and fed:

  • APLE Haulage delivered 40,000 bottles of water to 8 hydration stations around the course.
  • They delivered 14,000 bottles of Gatorade sports drink to 3 hydration and fuel stations on the course.
  • At mile 12 and 18 they delivered 4,000 High5 energy gels to each hydration and fuel station.
  • They also delivered 5 pallet-loads of Mars Bars, Alpen Bars and packets of crisps to the finish line to be included in the runners’ goody bags.


Race Director, Andy Hully, said, “APLE Haulage was brilliant. They worked to a tight schedule and delivered on time to each hydration and fuel station. This allowed our Course Directors, Finish Line Director and volunteers to make sure that each hydration and fuel station was properly stocked with enough water, Gatorade and gels for every runner who wanted a drink or a gel. We never ran out of water.


“It’s also been great to see runners leaving feedback on the Runner’s World website which said how good the water stations were with an excellent selection of bottled water, Gatorade and gels. That it all went so smoothly is a testament to the first-rate service that APLE Haulage supplied.”


The Milton Keynes Marathon event is now established as a major date in Milton Keynes’ sporting calendar and the 2015 Milton Keynes Marathon will take place on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May 2015. Once again there will be something for everyone including the marathon, half marathon and fun run.


Entries to the 2015 event are now open: