Get your charity pack for the Milton Keynes Marathon

Charity Pack

Running for a charity is an amazing thing to do.


Knowing your run has helped others, gives a huge boost to the satisfaction you’ll feel on finishing the race. You’ll also be more highly motivated during your training and the race itself.

The Milton Keynes Marathon, despite only running for 4 years, has already managed to help partner charities raise over £1.7m for a range of great causes. The Milton Keynes Marathon aims to raise £5m by 2017 and engaging everydayhero to help increase fundraising, create a first-class fundraiser experience and help charities get closer to participants is an essential part of that plan.

Are looking for a charity to run for?

Fundraise for the Milton Keynes Marathon via the everydayhero portal

If you are a charity, then download our Charity Pack 2016.

The Milton Keynes Marathon 2015 Charity Pack

Good luck with your fundraising; the charity you have chosen needs your help!