Covid Safe Plan

MK Marathon start 2016

The Rightmove MK Marathon Weekend has now been moved to the last weekend of June 2021.

We will continue to monitor the developments relating to COVID-19. We will update the status of our event as often as possible. Our number one priority is to put on a safe event in June.

We will continue with our social distancing Covid-safe plan for the June event to give us the best chance possible of being able to go ahead.

Stuart Proffitt, Milton Keynes Council Director for Environment and Property said “we have been working hard with the MK Marathon Team to ensure our long-standing marathon is as successful and inclusive as ever. We will continue to work with the MK Marathon Team to ensure a successful rescheduled event during the last weekend of June and we are confident that we will receive statutory approval to proceed with these dates.”

COVID-19 Guarantee

Keeping you safe, so you can enjoy the day!

Our Covid-19 Guarantee will provide you peace of mind when entering our events. If we can not proceed in June due to Covid-19, you will have lots of options including a full refund of your entry fee (minus the Active processing fee).

What will change in 2021?


  • Schedule events over 3 days.
  • Limit the number of entrants for each event.
  • New routes to reduce road closures and impact on the hospital and reduce volunteer numbers.
  • Control social distancing.
  • Participants must bring their own hydration and nutrition to the event, using bottle belts and hydration backpacks, etc.
  • Virtual race briefing.
  • All race packs to be posted in advance.
  • Do not attend this event if you have been unwell in the 14 days proceeding event day.
  • Only accept entries from the UK.
  • Participant Code of Conduct
  • Spectator Code of Conduct
  • Volunteer Code of Conduct
  • Volunteers will be briefed in advance.
  • We are developing a communications plan in order to inform local residents and businesses that the event is taking place, explaining how the event is being held safely and how they can contribute towards ensuring the event remains safe.
  • If you fall within a high-risk vulnerable group then you should not enter this event. [ UK Gov COVID-19 Vulnerable Group guidance documents ]


  • Participants are required to wear a face mask before the race. Bins will be provided to dispose of masks at the start line.
  • Staggered start times. Runners will be given a 10-minute arrival window and they will be moved to the start line and started in small groups to meet Government guidelines.
  • Limited refill water aid stations en route in line with England Athletics guidelines to avoid reduce viral transmission through touching. Water bottles will be refilled using jugs.
  • Develop a plan to deter the number of spectators and supporters from attending the event, emphasising alternatives to follow the event (i.e. live video of finish line).
  • No event village.
  • No supporters in the stadium.
  • One-way flow in the stadium.
  • Clear signage.
  • Hand sanitiser stations.
  • No baggage facilities to stop participants from congregating and to reduce viral transmission through touching.
  • Ensure that all relevant areas of the stadium site are regularly cleaned to the standard defined in the government guidance.
  • Limit queues and dwell time and minimise contact/touchpoints.
  • Event features that may lead to congregating on the route (e.g. pacers, entertainment) will be withdrawn.
  • Ensure that the start area is designed so that participants do not need to assemble in a manner that conflicts with social distancing guidelines.
  • Staff will be issued with suitable PPE where appropriate and there will be appropriate collection, renewal, and disposal facilities.
  • The COVID-19 Officer will be responsible for oversight of the risk assessment and mitigation planning and will ensure that the necessary standards are met.
  • An isolation area within the main medical facility where potential Covid-19 patients can be taken. This will be entirely separate from the main medical post to allow containment and thus prevent transmission of the virus to healthier individuals.
  • Simple ‘grab and go’ bag for finishers.
  • Prizes will be posted.
  • Ensure competitors avoid lying or sitting down in the finish area (unless in the case of medical need/problems). A pool of volunteers on duty at the finish line to look out for runners looking weak/light-headed and then encourage them to keep walking and not to stop. These volunteers will wear PPE appropriate to their role and have hand washing/sanitiser facilities available.
  • Finishers will be dispersed quickly away from the finish line and will be marshaled safely away from the stadium and into open space.

We hope things will become more clear in the next few months.

Thank you for supporting our event.


In the event, an in-person race cannot take place, all registered participants will automatically be transferred to the rescheduled event.

Our Covid-19 Guarantee will provide you peace of mind when entering our events. If we can not proceed due to Covid-19, you will have lots of options including a full refund of your entry fee (minus the Active processing fee).

If you’re unable to participate but still want your medal and rewards, you may transfer your registration to the virtual event. Log into your Active account at Find your 2021 event and follow the prompts to transfer to the Virtual MK Marathon event

We are developing a number of different and flexible event plans to suit a range of possible scenarios, including…

  • Reducing the number of entries
  • Temperature checks
  • Social distancing
  • Wearing face masks before the race
  • Changes to the start time of events to allow for small and scheduled wave starts.
  • Pre-allocated start time
  • Hand sanitiser stations
  • Possible changes to the route/s
  • Controlling spectators access to the stadium and start area
  • Reducing or removing ‘contact points’ at the event, such as aid stations and hospitality

As we develop race plans we will update participants regarding any changes that may be necessary. We will make appropriate adjustments to our traditional race experience that are necessary to enable a safe and responsible event for our participants and community. That could mean any number of modifications to our traditional race experience, including but not limited to changes to the race routes, water stations, masks, starting zones, and times.

Our Covid-19 Guarantee will provide you peace of mind when entering our events. If we can not proceed due to Covid-19, you will have lots of options including a full refund of your entry fee (minus the Active processing fee).

You can update your address, t-shirt size, or buy merchandise before 31st March at midnight. Simply visit and select your race registration.