Race Rules – Reimagined

The MK Marathon Weekend complies with UK Athletics rules:

  1. This race will be held under UK Athletics Rules.
  2. Participants must be at least 18 years old on race day to run the Marathon, at least 17 years old on race day to run the Half Marathon, at least 17 years old on race day to run the Marathon Relay, at least 15 years old on race day to run the 10K, and at least 13 years old on race day to run the 5K. No age restriction for the Superhero Fun Run.
  3. Participants must run between 6 – 19 September.
  4. Any participant uncertain of their physical ability to participate in the Event should seek medical advice from a GP before the Event.
  5. No aids, such as skate rolling shoes, baby launchers, line blades, Nordic sticks, bicycles are allowed.
  6. This event is not suitable for wheelchairs.
  7. Participants must inform someone of where they are going and check in with them on their return.
  8. Participants must carry an ICE (in case of an emergency) card with their details.
  9. Participants participate in their own initiative and by entering you agree that no claims can be made against the Event organisers, and any party acting on its behalf.
  10. Participants must carry a charged mobile phone with location services enabled.
  11. Participants must follow the instructions in the race app.
  12. Participants must respect other users of the redways and public paths.
  13. Participants must maintain any government social distancing rules in place at the time of the race
  14. Participants must not drop any litter.
  15. Participants must cross roads safely.
  16. If a participant leaves the race route for any reason they must reenter at the same point at which they exited.
  17. The entire course must be covered regardless of any extra mileage added on by missed turns.
  18. The course has been officially measured taking the shortest route without cutting corners or going on to the grass verges. You must not cut corners.
  19. The Event Race Director reserves, at his absolute discretion, the right to modify, attach or omit all of the Official Rules.
  20. Participants will be bound by any adjustment or annex of the Official Rules issued prior to the Event.
  21. Participants may wear headphones at their own risk.
  22. Participants may enter multiple distances. The entry will close on 31 July at midnight. No exceptions.
  23. Participants may transfer their place to another runner or event before 31 July at midnight. No exceptions.
  24. Participants may defer their place to May 2021 before 31 July at midnight. No exceptions.
  25. Failure to follow these Official Rules can result in a ban and the loss of any prizes.
  26. Your personal data is protected in the UK by the Data Protection Act.
  27. No refunds under any circumstances.