Virtual Race

The countdown is now on to run our Milton Keynes races virtually!

From Friday 1st May, you can earn your medal and finisher t-shirt (for qualifying events) by running with us virtually.

Not entered yet? Don’t worry, you can still enter one or more of our September events and then run virtually here.

While we can’t be together in person during race weekend, we are absolutely together in spirit!


Instructions for running your event/s virtually.

Step 1 – Complete your virtual run distance on your own course, at your own pace, anytime between 1st May and 10th June. This can be at home on a treadmill if you wish and can also be made up of smaller runs (for example run 1 mile per day for 26 days to complete the marathon!).

All events can be run virtually: Superhero Fun Run (2.6km), Rocket 5km, Turing 10km, Half Marathon, Marathon, and Marathon Relay. You could even enter multiple events and run them virtually to win more bling!

Download Virtual Race Bib One [ HERE ]

Or, download Virtual Race Bib Two [ HERE ]

Update your Facebook Profile picture or video with this great frame [ HERE ]

Step 2 – Take a screenshot or photo of your Garmin, Strava, or any other tracking app or device. You can upload a picture of you in your outfit for the Superhero Fun Run.

Step 3 – You MUST upload your proof before 10th June at midnight. Do this by logging onto your Active account here using the email address and password you registered with. Select the event that you have completed virtually and click ‘Upload Now’ to submit your image. The file must be in pdf, jpg, or png format and less than 1mb in size. You will need to do this for each virtual race distance.

The upload will say ‘pending’ until we approve our end, which is just a formality.

You will not be able to upload proof after 10th June at midnight – no exceptions as this will delay sending out packs.

Step 4 – We will collate and post your medal/s (and t-shirt for the 10k/half/marathon/relay) to the address given on your original registration. If you need to change this address, you can also do this on Active under ‘Edit Registration’. Please change any details BEFORE you submit your evidence.

We will post your goodies from early July. Please be patient as we are expecting a lot of entrants to run our event virtually.

YOU CAN’T TAKE PART VIRTUALLY AND IN SEPTEMBER. Once we have posted your goodies, your original event place will be canceled and you won’t be able to take part in September unless you enter again.

Good luck!


  1. FULL MARATHON: If you have a place in the full marathon and decide to run it virtually this summer, then we will send you a £15 discount code later this year to be used in 2021 or 2022.
  2. CHALLENGE MEDAL: If you complete the Rocket 5K and one of the main events, then you will still earn the MK Challenge medal. You could run the Rocket virtually and then run the main event in September, or visa versa, and you will still get the MK Challenge medal.
  3. EVER PRESENTS: Running the marathon virtually will still count towards your ‘Ever Present’ status. Meaning that you have run every MK Marathon event since 2012. Please email us in June if this is the case.
  4. LEGENDS: Running your 5th MK Marathon virtually will still qualify for the Legends medal. Please email us in June if this is the case. Running virtually and in September will only count as one year towards your Legend target.
  5. RELAY TEAMS: If your team would like to complete your relay event virtually, then the Team Captain should collate and email the four screenshots of approximately 10km (6.2 miles) each. We will post the medals and t-shirts to the Team Captain.
  6. NON-UK ENTRANT: We will post goodies to other Countries at our cost.
  7. MULTIPLE MAIN EVENTS: You could run one or more of the main events (10k, half or full) virtually and another one in September.
  8. PARKING: If you have booked stadium parking in September and want to complete your events virtually, then send us an email after you have uploaded your proof and we will refund your parking space.

Email address for all correspondence: