Whether this is your first time taking part in the Milton Keynes Marathon Weekend or your 10th, we are very excited for you to experience our amazing city.

As this multi-award-winning Marathon Weekend continues to grow year on year, so does the support. This is why we have created this guide, especially for supporters.



Focusing on how to best support your loved ones. Giving top tips on the best viewpoint locations and tracking options available.

Milton Keynes has a wide range of incredible attractions and places to visit for adults and families. We have selected a variety of options and put them in this simply-to-go guide.

Perfect for runners looking to make the most of their fabulous weekend, as well as those dedicated supporters who have helped push you through all the training to get to this point.

A huge amount of the success of the Milton Keynes Marathon weekend is the atmosphere. We are thrilled to be back at Stadium MK.

MK Marathon Weekend spectator guide


Your friends and family can track you via the ‘results’ page on our website. They can search for you by your name or bib number. Your progress will be shown on the route map.

Tracking will start when your runner crosses the first tracking mat at mile 1. Their actual location will be updated each time they cross a timing mat, and then an average used to plot their progress until the next timing mat. Their real-time location might not be accurate if they speed up or slow down between mats.

NB. The runner tracking link won’t be live until race day

Challenge yourself by taking on a Marathon in Milton Keynes