Medical Advice

There are enormous health benefits to participating in and training for a marathon. However, it is also a huge physical challenge, which requires a sensible and safe approach.

We advise that you do not participate on Race Day unless you have achieved the recommended mileage in your training runs and urge you to take the time to understand issues surrounding hydration, fuel, and any medications you might be taking.

If you have any medical conditions, such as heart (cardiac) problems, asthma, or diabetes, it is essential that you check with your medical adviser or GP whether there is any medical reason why you should not train or take part. They may advise you against you running and if they do, you must take their advice.

Please ensure you notify us if you have a medical condition. We request that you include full details of any medical problems, medication, allergies, and contact details on the back of your running number, should we need to treat you during the race.

If you have previously encountered any significant medical problems while taking part in a running event, such as heat or hydration issues, it is especially important that you check with your medical advisers and/or a sports physician whether or not you should take part in the event.

If you are unable to take part, then you can view your options here.

The MK Marathon Weekend has employed the services of a team of experienced clinical specialists to support the event. Medical teams will be on-site at all times; at the Start, Finish, and on the course.

There will be First Aid stations on the course as well as Rapid Response Cars, Emergency Ambulances, and Cycle Response Units.

Most casualties will be treated at the nearest medical station to them, more serious cases will be transported to the Static First Aid Point at the stadium. In serious cases, patients will be transported by ambulance to A&E at Milton Keynes Hospital.

Dropping out of the race
If you feel unwell or pick up an injury then make your way to the nearest course marshall who will arrange transportation back to the stadium. If you have a serious medical requirement the course marshal will be able to request medical assistance.

Emergency Access
In the unlikely event that an emergency vehicle needs to cross or access the course, we ask you to please stop and not to obstruct them.


  • Please take care and listen to your body.
  • Do not come to the event if you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Consult your GP if you have any medical problems or are taking medications.
  • If you are feeling unwell before the race, DO NOT run.
  • If you become unwell during the race, stop and ask a course marshal for medical assistance, or at the nearest first aid station.
  • Bring your own water and drink sensibly during the race and do not take on too much or too little fluids.
  • Consult the manufacturer’s advice on consuming energy drinks or gels.
  • If you feel unwell after the race, seek advice from your GP or a medical professional.

For more information, an excellent resource is: