Lifetime Achiever Award

Do you have a story to tell? Then apply for this unique award today!


The Milton Keynes Marathon Weekend team is proud to announce the “Team Edwards Lifetime Achievers Award”, which will be presented to one of our participants every year. This is a lasting legacy in recognition of the dedication and commitment shown by Steve & Teresa Edwards over the last 4 decades which will culminate in Steve achieving his monumental world record of running 1000 official marathons in the fastest average finish time at Milton Keynes on 6th May.

To apply you need to have entered the event and share with us your compelling running related lifetime story of dedication & commitment. One lucky participant will be selected to receive this award at the finish line in front of thousands of spectators.

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What is the criteria? 

Have you achieved a seemingly impossible lifetime goal or overcome severe adversity to achieve something that perhaps seemed impossible? We would love to hear from runners who have a compelling story of dedication & commitment with a running connection to be considered for the annual Team Edwards Lifetime Achiever Award.  


Who should apply?

Anyone taking part in the MK Marathon or MK Half Marathon and thinks they have a compelling story of dedication with a running connection to achieve a lifetime goal.  


What are you looking for?

Somebody who has demonstrated a level of dedication & commitment to realise their potential and achieve a monumental goal that they perhaps didn’t think was possible but were brave enough to follow their dreams and go for it!

Good luck!

Please send your completed application form to

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