Water Stops


Please consider bringing your own pre-filled water bottle, if possible, to do your bit for the environment. There will be refill points at water stations where you can refill your bottle.

We recommend that you stay hydrated before the race and take little sips often but avoid drinking too much in the hour before the race start.

Massive thanks to the clubs and charities managing our water stops.


1 3 AGE UK 330ml bottles
2 5 WATLING ROTARY 330ml bottles
3 8 RIDE HIGH 330ml bottles & High5 Gels
4 11 THE PARKS TRUST 330ml bottles & Orange Sport in Cups
5 12.5 NSPCC 330ml bottles
6 15 WATLING ROTARY 330ml bottles
7 18 MK GRAND UNION 330ml bottles + Orange Sport in cups
8 21 RIDE HIGH 330ml bottles & High5 Gels
9 24 THE PARKS TRUST 330ml bottles & Orange Sport in Cups

All water stops will have a backup of water containers and paper cups.

Our recyclable paper cups look and feel the same as conventional plastic-coated or PLA-coated cups. The key difference is that these cups are optimised to be recycled back into high-grade paper using conventional paper recycling equipment.

Please discard your bottles/cups in the bins provided at the side of the path. These will be collected for recycling.

Do not drop bottles/cups on the path for participants behind to slip on!

No more litter zonesd at the Mk Marathon

No Litter Zones

To keep the route as clear as possible for the safety of your fellow runners, we will have ‘No Litter’ zones after each water stop.

We ask you to only drop litter in these zones to be considerate and respectful to local residents and businesses.

If you carry your cup/gel wrapper beyond the ‘No Litter’ zone, then please keep hold of it until you either reach the next water stop or a marshal.

Please respect Milton Keynes!

Water stops at the Milton Keynes Marathon