I canceled my long-standing gym membership about the time of this years MK Marathon. It is very stressful organising a large event and I was losing the love for the gym, didn’t feel like I had the time and definitely wasn’t getting value for money.

A nice lazy summer meant that I started to put on the pounds and I knew that I had to do something!

When I was on holiday I saw an article about Bodystreet and electro muscle stimulation. Like many others, I had a home kit back in the nineties and thought that technology must have improved a lot since then. I did a web search and found that they had a studio in Milton Keynes near the station.

I made contact with Idai Makaya at Bodystreet Milton Keynes and booked a trial session. I must admit that I was very nervous at first but soon found out that there is nothing to be worried about. I enjoyed the session and decided to commit to 20-minutes a week until the MK Marathon next May.

I have had nine Bodystreet sessions so far and feel a lot more toned, energised and have lost weight.

Bodystreet offers a unique full-body 20-minute workout that’s ideal for building strength, endurance and, core stability. It is also used as a time-efficient full-body conditioning workout because you only need to train once a week for just 20-minutes! That leaves the rest of your week free for running and life’s other pleasures!


Studies on elite athletes have shown significant increases in both strength and endurance by adding the Bodystreet EMS approach to their existing routines. Learn more about why athletes as diverse as Usain Bolt, David Haye, Dina Asher-Smith and Cristiano Ronaldo all use EMS training to get into peak condition for their sports here and discover the science behind the Bodystreet workout, which has trickled from NASA into physiotherapy and rehab – before eventually finding its way into general sports & fitness training.


You can benefit from a special offer at Bodystreet Milton Keynes to help you get into peak condition for the marathon. Join Bodystreet MK in December 2019 and train for free for the next 4 weeks! Simply contact Bodystreet MK to book a trial session and quote MK Marathon in the comments box. 

I’m glad I took the plunge and I think you will be too.

by Andy Hully, race director of the MK Marathon