Some of the MK Marathon Ambassadors 2019

What is an MK Marathon Ambassador?

A passionate, welcoming and community-based person who loves running, encouraging others to do their best through the MK Marathon Weekend races. This person acts as a representative of the MK Marathon Weekend through social media, blogs and word of mouth promotions.


Liz Ayres

I’m relatively new to running after only taking it up in 2017 as I was dared to run a marathon!

Two years, five marathons, thousands of miles later yet only winning achievements are being able to carb load with cake without a race scheduled and being ‘that 7.5hr pacer’ who turned the London Marathon 2019 upside down.

I can usually be found partying at the back, either as a pacer or as a runner with a playlist of cheesy tunes blasting.

Twitter: @LizGoesRunning

Instagram: oops_i_ran_it_again

Emma Baldwin

I am 18 years old and I’m currently in my second year at college studying health and social care since I am aspiring to become a nurse. In my spare time, I work at a local coffee shop and I spend a lot of time in the gym working on my overall strength or running on the road, track and taking part in cross country events across Hertfordshire. Running is a big part of my life and is something I am very passionate about which is why I want to try and get more people into the sport as I think it is extremely important for mental and physical health.

Twitter: @emma67285508


Gemma Berrill

I am a mum, nurse, marathon and ultra-marathoner plodder! Currently working at Milton university hospital I’m keen fundraiser for MK charity. I started running in 2014 to lose weight to conceive, successfully then wondered what other challenges I could give myself. Continued with parkrun whilst pregnant, took up marathon running in 2016. 2019 saw me complete my first 100 mile event and a 12 hour treadmill run for MK charity in the hospital main entrance.

I am looking forward to being part of the MK Marathon team and promoting my favourite marathon as it’s so well organised and supported by the local community. I’m also another year closer to the elusive legendary status!



Ana Chaplin

I’m Ana 36 from Milton Keynes.  I live with my partner Damien and our dog Franco.  I run around 3-4 times a week from easy runs to intervals, solo runs to club runs.  My running journey started in 2014 where I was training for the 2015 Brighton marathon.  From this moment I was hooked on running, so signed up for Milton Keynes marathon in 2016, unfortunately, I got a foot injury half way round and was determined to finish.  I hobbled around and crossed that line with great pride, that marathon taught me a lot and I still draw strength from it today.  I have since gone on to complete 7 marathons and 2 ultras.  In 2017 I lost my Mum, she was volunteering for Age UK handing water out at Milton Keynes marathon but later that day unexpectedly passed.  I was running the half marathon that day and got to run past and give her a hug.  She was a huge part of my running and was always encouraging and I carry that with me every time I run.  We all run for different reasons and I find running brings me joy and happiness.  I want to be able to inspire others.

Instagram: chasingchaplin

Barinderjit ‘Usingh Bolt’ Cheema

A Sikh Geordie endurance runner who went from only wanting to do 1 full and 1 half marathon to progressing to ultra races and to then attempting to do a 1000 mile JOGLE route.  Passionate about running, especially for using running for raising awareness of charities and good causes.  Possibly the UK runner with the best running name – Usingh Bolt.  Not many people got to see Usain run live, but they can see Usingh run live.  And have a sprint finish against me!

Twitter: @Usingh_Bolt

Instagram: usingh_bolt

Chris Collins

I am relatively new to running. I have only been running for around 2 years properly. MK 2020 will be my first marathon and it is something I am really looking forward to. I have completed numerous half marathons and taken part in obstacle races all over the UK. I am a father to 3 young children and have a demanding full-time job, but I want to help show people that health and fitness shouldn’t be a chore. I enjoy mixing up my training and have recently found a passion for swimming (I’m just not very good at it….yet). Over the next 12-18 months, I would like to take part in my first triathlon as this is something that really interests me. I am not a natural runner but I enjoy it. The only thing in the way of your success is you. MK Marathon goal – 3:15.

Twitter: @ccollins2019

Instagram: chris.collins88

Lorraine Devereux

I began running at 40 after my nephew aged 4 and diabetic T1 asked if we could raise some money.  I entered a 10k race on my birthday, 7 years later after swearing I was only doing one race, I am still running! 

I joined local running club Redway Runners and running quickly became a way of life. Some of the best times in recent years have centred around running, London Marathon, Great North Run, raising money and meeting awesome people.

The last few years running has helped me cope with tough times such as losing loved ones.  I ran the 2017 London Marathon for our local Willen Hospice who supported us as a family; Redway Runners provided support and motivation with training.

That support was called on again when I fell out running on Christmas Eve 2017, sustaining a double leg break and spending Christmas in hospital being put back together, an injury that nearly put paid to running altogether!  It took 6 months to walk again let alone run but I’m now on the road to recovery with lots of encouragement.

Twitter: @01Rainey

Instragram: raineydev

Kaye Dwight

I am a 52 year old runner who has lived in Milton Keynes since 1998. I am a qualified Learning Disability Nurse, but I moved into education in 2004 and I am currently the Head of Admissions and Bursary at MK College, where I have worked for over 15 years.

 I have 4 children, with 19 years between the eldest (28) and the youngest (9). I am an ambassador for MK Snap and I have raised more than £5000 for them over the past 3 years running 4 marathons to support them, including MK Marathon in 2018 and 2019. If I am not running, I may be on my bike, as this is how I get to work every day. I am a massive fan of cricket and football and love playing Scrabble, binge-watching Box Sets on TV and reading.

Twitter: @DwightKaye

Instagram: kayedwight2019

Shaun Furzer

I am just a dad and a teacher that likes to run a lot.  I love getting up early for runs before work and through long weekend runs, I have got to know my local area in West Yorkshire and am actively finding new routes and views.  I started with Parkrun in 2017 and built from there, running the London Marathon in April in 3:06.  Through my running, the whole family has got involved and we regularly attend Junior Parkrun, as well as making a day out whenever I run a longer event.  Running has made me strong in body and in mind and I am passionate about promoting its benefits to all. I love to challenge myself and believe running has helped me to see, push past my limits and become part of a wider, committed community of supportive runners across the UK.  I one day hope to attempt the Barkley Marathons, which is slightly insane! I’d also love to set up my own event to show off some of the sights around my home.

Instagram: run_furzer_run

Ania Gabb

I’m a personal trainer and semi-elite runner with a sub 3-hour marathon under my belt. I continue to blog on Instagram using my determination and enthusiasm for the love of running and fitness. I never give up an continue to be the best I can be.

Twitter: @aniagabb

Instgram: agabbpt

Malcolm Haines (REV)

At 53 I’m a born again runner who responded to a doctors warning to get fitter. Can I break 4 hours? It doesn’t really matter it’s all about taking part, on the other hand it matters more than anything in the world!!!!

First and foremost I’m God’s man and I really enjoy pastoring a small church on the edge of Brighton. I run home from church most Sundays (3 – 6 miles) but imagine if I ran to church and led the service all sweaty. I teach swimming a couple of hours a week to infant school aged children. I ride a big (1000cc) motorbike. I juggle fire. I grow vegetables because it turns out I’m well into middle age.

Married (32 years and nearly forgot to mention it), we come as a team, one of us is a spectator; two grown-up children (one about to get married, which I will officiate at, gets in the way of a long run in July); two quail, two chickens, four ducks.

Twitter: @malcolmhaines

Instagram: revhaines

James Illsley

I’m 47 years old and a married, father of two lovely teenage daughters. I discovered running at a relatively late stage in 2017 and have been bitten by the ‘bug’.  In my forties I managed to overcome a number of health problems and lost a substantial amount of weight and running has played a large part in improving and maintaining both my physical and mental health ever since.  I have completed three marathons and three ultra-marathons in 2019, including Milton Keynes which I loved!  I also lead running groups in my home area of Derbyshire and am most proud of the numbers of runners I have encouraged to take up the sport, by leading a number of Couch to 5k programs. It is extremely rewarding to see people who thought they could never run gain confidence, achieve and, in many cases, progress on to longer distances.

I truly believe that running is for everybody, regardless of their size, pace or shape. I am proud to be part of the fantastic running community and try my best to support everyone in achieving their goals.

Twitter: @illsleyjames

Instagram: illsleyjames72

Carl Langford

2 years ago, if you said I would run a marathon I’d of laughed. Big lazy, no drive, that was me in a nutshell. Until one comment changed it all. “Anyone can run a marathon” my wife signed me up for the MK marathon for 2018. I was 16 stone, hadn’t run since I was in school. However, I do like a challenge. My first run after making the statement was a 5km, every part of my body hurt. I WAS HOOKED!! I trained as hard as I could and eventually completed it in 5:45. I knew I could beat that, I spent all of 2018 into 2019 training to run sub 4 hours. I achieved the goal this year. My future goals are MK Legend status, sub 3:30 and eventually running a 240-mile race. I’m now an 11 stone run-aholic who has even taken up blogging my bigger runs. When I’m not working for nifty lift as a production sector manager, or with my family. I can be found along the roads and trails of beds/bucks.

Instagram: carllangerz

Karl Rushen

Husband/Father/Brother/Blacksheep/6 Star Chaser and a chaser of dreams! For a few years now, I’ve been on a quest to improve my health and wellbeing. I lost my little brother in 2011 whilst he was serving in Afghanistan and exercise and predominantly running became my go-to for helping me deal with losing him. Since, with the improved benefits of fitness and health, both mental and physical, it has enabled me to take on much bigger challenges. In the process of creating a legacy in his name with some of the projects, I have started and ultimately enabling me to give something back in tribute of his service and sacrifice with a fair amount of money raised for military charities. I have a 5-year-old son as well, and for me it’s important that as he grows up I’m able to keep one step ahead and be able to encourage him in to this world and be active with him and hope that one day, that he sees me as his role model and wants to chase his own dreams.

Twitter: @Mr100Peaks

Instagram: mr100peaks

Becci Shaw

I’m a part-time working wife, devoted mum of 2 children and a dog. I fit in my running before anyone in the house gets up so mostly in the dark in winter and in the sun in the summer, which is the time I love the most. Then walk the dog get home shower get kids ready for school then go to work. So, I have done a day’s work before work. But I love it and wouldn’t have any other way. I fit in any long runs on the weekends so no lie days for me. I have upped my running over the past year after I was injured and out for a few months but am fitter than I have ever been, I think. I have even tried to get the kids involved which is doing parkrun with me which has been nice.

Twitter: @beccishaw2016

Leanne Shrive

Hiya, I’m Leanne! I’m just another runner putting one foot in front of the other, but I’m trying to achieve things I never thought I would or could! I run with 3 groups, am a qualified run leader and far more enjoy enjoy running with other people than on my own. In 2019 I ran my first ultra marathon but I an now looking forward to focusing on shorter distances. My running mantra is ‘keep smiling, keep running’ and I even have these tagged onto my shoes (just in case I’m having a bad run!)

Twitter: @whatleanneran

Instagram: whatleanneran

Ben Stratford

I have always been a runner, taking part in cross-country and track events at school to eventually running my first ever marathon in Berlin 2004. I have since run many more marathons and half marathons, as well as several other race distances ranging from 1 mile to 10K. I like to have long- and short-term goals. One of my long-term goals is to complete all the 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors. I am a member of a Hertfordshire based athletics club, Dacorum & Tring AC, and enjoy the community that running brings.

Instagram: the_runner_1983

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