With every passing year, life is becoming more like a race and competition than joyful living. Every other person is struggling with the downfall of health and psychological issues. This was not enough that the pandemic also caused massive damage to human mental and physical health. Marathon week is like a happy pill that boosts your mood and has many health benefits in all such disturbing situations. However, a long-distance run or marathon is not as simple as it seems. Running is an injury-prone sport. The moment you get any injury, the impact forces can result in injury. To prevent this from happening and make your body strong for long runs, building endurance is the secret sauce for every runner who wants to maintain long run distance. The only limitation that becomes demotivating factor for runners is lack of endurance.

Here are some tips that can help you in building your endurance for upcoming long run.

  • Three C’s: Comfortable, Controlled, Conversational

Keep your body comfortable and running at a controlled pace, along with conversation with someone on the track running beside you. This prepares your body internal structures and energy system for building more energy factories that are mitochondria in your muscles cells. This results in more oxygen and ATPs to your body cells, improving aerobic metabolism leading to enhanced endurance.

  • Building muscle power:

If you want your body to excel in endurance, it is compulsory to make your body strong and muscles even more robust. Many workouts can help you in this regard, but specifically, Plyometrics are an excellent workout choice to boost your core strength and make your legs sturdy. The potent the muscles, the greater the power, the more endurance you will have.

  1. Improving efficiency

Remember, efficiency is a key to a long victorious run without getting your body injured. Building running economy with proper running technique makes running even more manageable and the body less fatigued.

  • Healthy diet

Maintaining a nutritious diet is about eating and consuming required and essential nutrients in a desirable amount. When you run a marathon or long-distance, a whole process of the energy cycle goes inside your body. To keep that cycle going, providing your muscles with an efficient amount of oxygen and blood supply enriched with nutrients eating the right and healthy diet is very important.

  • Preparing yourself mentally

Maintaining a successful sport is not only about physical health, but also mental health is essential. Mental toughness and preparation make you indestructible regardless of circumstances as you keep going breaking your run records.

  • Taking proper rest

It is undoubtedly exciting to wake up preparing yourself for a thrilling marathon every morning. Running a long-distance run is a joyful experience on its own, but don’t forget that your body needs proper rest for recovery. Every night 7 to 8 hours of relaxing sleep are crucial, rejuvenating your mind and body for the next day. Only then you will be able to uphold your standards.

If you are struggling with building your endurance for marathon or long distance run than feel free to contact our professionals at MK Marathon for expert advice according to your needs.